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Rebirth Research International is a member of „The Ancient Trust“ and the motor of the unique global hype. Its not stoppable, as you can see each day.

And our fast, reliable internet connection & various communication options make working remotely seamless and dynamic. Whether you’re in Germany, across the country, or around the globe, we have the talent and resources to meet your needs.

Let us help you tell it. We seek to find synergy and harmony between the audio and the visual, to create the best possible experience for your audience.

Here’s a new spot that  just finished before 4 month. The truth will be seen by the technic we choose to show YOU the face of one of YOUR pastlifes!

Check it out, share it, vote early and often! and let’s get this thing played during the Superbowl!

We see and hear  the music and sound every day

Hear something you like? Let’s talk about it! We can customize tracks to suit your needs or use them as inspiration or reference. Check back often…we’re adding new tracks all the time.

 Throughout this journey, Frank has consistently proven himself as an effective and inventive writer, producer painter, collagist, tv moderator, bookwrites and Owner & Founder from Channel Three Berlin and post-production professional.

Frank created not only Rebirth Research International as a place to unite his experience with a spirit of collaboration, professionalism, storytelling and experimentation – and a life-long passion for all things music & sound. Now living in the famous Blackwood Forest in Germany , he enjoys spending time with friends, collecting and experimenting with new knowledge from rebirh, ideas, sounds, paintings, collages, audio visual creating. going to shows, getting lost in the woods and finding his way back. He still loves listening to, talking about and making music. More than ever

Visit our Nonprofit Project in greek of the island of crete.



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Welcome to the homepage of Rebirth Music, a talented and passionate idea production house, operated by producer/composer/mixing & mastering engineer & multi-tasking genius Frank von Falk***. Rebirth Research International produces short trailers quality  tv presence and delivers audio production services across the board. From song-writing and world-class music production to radio & TV jingles… Rebirth can do pretty much anything you can dream of.

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